“Diversity happens, Inclusion is a choice.” – Harjeet Khanduja, How Leaders Decide

There are few needs more fundamental than the need to belong. The person who meets this need for others is a person who will always be valued by others.


Benefit of Inclusivity

When people lead with inclusivity, their employees often experience more commitment, empowerment and well-being, and learn from their failures. Their workplaces are also often more inclusive and innovative.

Recorded Events

The Diversity, Inclusion, and Engagement Logic Model – Leadership Tools Showcase (Brigitte Burpo)

The “DIE” Model was developed as a planning and assessment tool for organizational change related to inclusion…

Active Inclusivity: A Skills-Based Model – Leadership Tools Showcase (Emma Sterrett-Hong)

The active inclusivity development model is a framework for identifying the skills a person needs to improve…

Practical Applications of Restorative Justice – Leadership Tools Showcase (Cherie Dawson-Edwards)

The scenarios in this video are examples of things people said that violated the experienced justice of…

The Inclusive Events Workbook – Leadership Tools Showcase (Ryan Quinn)

Dr. Ryan Quinn explains his Inclusive Events Workbook that is aimed to help users practice planning and…

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