Metro United Way Beacon of Equity Team

These WorldChangers are passionate about ensuring that the Louisville Metro United Way sets the example for how to be an equitable organization and supports other organizations and communities to strive for equity as well.

The goal

The Metro United Way is ahead of the curve on managing for equity among local United Ways, and among organizations more generally. However, they are not content to rest despite this achievement. Rather, they want to engage in continuous improvement, and they want to invite other organizations and communities to follow their lead. They want to become a beacon of equity to other organizations and communities.

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Metro United Way is pursuing a bold plan by focusing its efforts on becoming a beacon of equity.

Equity has long been an issue in the city of Louisville, as it has been in many cities, but this issue was brought to  the front of everyone’s attention when Breonna Taylor was shot and killed in 2020. Years later, many in the city are still reeling from this and other, related events. It would be easy to let the issue fade into the background, but Metro United Way is committed to maintaining equity as a focus for its philanthropic efforts. It has launched multiple programs to contribute to equity, such as the Black LOVE initiative, when seeks to get Black people in Louisville the basic necessary to Live, Own, Vote, and Excel. To further these efforts, this team is finalizing their DEI strategic plan, ensuring all of their constituents understand the plan, creating a toolkit for other organizations to use, and strengthening participants in Black LOVE efforts.



Metro United Way is supporting its own team.