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Do you face problems that seem intractable? Do you struggle to get collaborators to give up unproductive behaviors? Are people struggling to find meaning in work that should be meaningful? Do you want your work to be more transformative or sustainable? Do you want to have more voice and influence? Do you want that influence to be more positive? Would you like to see opportunities where others see problems? Do you need to get the future leaders of your organization prepared more quickly? Would you like to have more trust, ambition, compassion, learning, or fun in your organization? If you answered yes, then you, your organization, or your community would benefit from development with the Center for Positive Leadership.

Free and Inexpensive Opportunities


Leadership Tools and Recordings

We provide dozens of free, downloadable tools, recorded training sessions, and podcast episodes. Click here to browse or search our library.

Online Assessments and Reflections

We will be providing free leadership assessments and reflections soon. Follow us on LinkedIn to receive the announcement when they come out.

Leadership Amplifier

Our group coaching app for practicing positive leadership is only $3 per person per month in the App Store or Google Play.

Leadership Tool Showcases

Come learn how to use the latest tools created, presented by the creators, from 7:30-8:50 a.m. on the third Tuesday of every month except December. $30 for registration.

Individual Speaking, Coaching, Consulting

Many of our affiliated professionals are speakers, coaches, and consultants. Learn about what they do on our fact sheet, and contact us if you’d like to discuss which one might be the best fit for you.


Advanced Development Options

Our advanced development options include

○ Team Design Consultation – Do you have cross-functional or cross-sector teams working on challenges that never seem to get better? Often, the problem is not the complexity or the difficulty of the challenge, but a problem with team design. Contact us to work with you to build teams that are designed for success.

○Do you have a thorny organizational or social challenge that would benefit from some working sessions in which you send a group of people who work together with people from other organizations as well in a structured process to to apply positive leadership principles, share ideas, and find new resources through networking? Contact us about attending a series of our monthly Tyra Family Distinguished Conversations events.

○  Do you want a developmental experience for a group of high potential employees or community members that will ramp up your leadership bench and transform your organization or community at the same time? Contact us about sending a team to our Local WorldChangers program. This program integrates many of the developmental experiences above. The results will stun you.


Working with the Center for Positive Leadership’s Local WorldChangers Team Project has been incredible. The facilitation is masterful and each of our team members has learned new ways to expand leadership skills and work through challenges. If you want to learn how to make a bigger impact in your role, challenge your own perspectives, or simply get work done in a new, positive way – I can’t recommend them enough!

Joanna Erny, Chief of Staff, Metro United Way

Our inclusion in the Local WorldChangers has been positive for both our larger organization and for the individuals involved. On an individual level, we’ve observed a notable increase in empowerment of the staff involved in the group. Members are feeling heard and valued on a larger organizational level, and it’s been an empowering opportunity to influence larger organizational change. On an organizational level, we’ve observed a very well-received implementation of
a revamped Employee Recognition Program which has led to excitement for future recommendations and changes that will come from the WorldChangers group.

Tiff Crooks, Talent Director, University of Louisville Athletics

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If you have any thoughts in answer to these questions, please contact us at CPL@louisville.edu

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