19 Jan 24

Introducing our Newest Affiliate, Shawn Dawley

We are lucky to collaborate with Shawn Dawley. He has joined our affiliated professional group and will collaborate with us around the virtue, Ambition. Shawn is an accomplished leader, leadership educator, and keynote speaker dedicated to helping leaders and teams unlock their power, passion, and purpose!

​A former Director and Vice President at a Fortune 100 company and nationwide firm, respectively, Shawn first spent 25 years in the United States Air Force, serving as a combat pilot, commander, and inspector general, with enriching experiences in over 80 countries across 6 continents.

​A former Fellow at Harvard University, Shawn has a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics, a Master of Business Administration, a Master of Arts in Political Science, and a Master of Arts in Military Studies… after struggling and barely sliding by in high school!

Shawn draws on decades of cockpit, combat, command, and corporate leadership experience to help teams thrive and leaders to become the people that others want to follow!