Leadership Tool Showcase-Establish Your Baseline, Choose Your Tools, Pursue Your Potential: The Positive Leadership Simple Self-Assessment (Ryan Quinn)

Tickets will Open, April 5, 2024

Ready to elevate your impact as a leader? Dive into a transformative journey with the Center For Positive Leadership!

Each month, we unveil cutting-edge leadership tools tailored to fuel your success in both your organization and personal endeavors. But with a myriad of options, how do you discern the game-changers? We’ve got you covered!

Introducing our groundbreaking series of assessment and reflection tools, designed to supercharge your self-awareness and amplify your positive leadership prowess. Kicking off the lineup is the revolutionary Positive Leadership Simple Self-Assessment.

This dynamic tool empowers you to pinpoint the virtues crucial to your success. Will it be accountability, ambition, courage, compassion, curiosity, forgiveness, humility, or integrity? Take charge of your growth journey as you evaluate yourself against each chosen virtue and its positive counterpart.

Date & Time

21 May 2024

7:30 AM - 9:00 AM


Shelby Campus, Founders Union, Room 201