Leading With Integrity in Remote Work – Leadership Tools Showcase (Michelle Koch)

Leading with integrity can transform the experience of people who work remotely. The word “integrity” evolved from the Latin words “integratis” (totality) and “integer” (wholeness) and is used to describe such subjects as the soundness of an airplane that provides us with safe travel, a wilderness region that has not been overtaken by development, and a database system that is error-free. Similarly, when applied to people, integrity describes the soundness of our character, and the alignment of our words and actions. It refers to being honest, acting with morals and ethics, standing for something, being consistent, and much more.

Michele Koch presents scenarios that offer glimpses of the challenges employees face related to common remote work expectations. Ideally, you will discuss them with people who feel comfortable challenging your thinking. The goal is to discover new ways to think about integrity that you may not have considered before, and in so doing, to deepen and add nuance to your understanding and leadership style.