The 9 Laws of Loyalty – Leadership Tools Showcase (Alfred Frager)

The time to build loyalty is now—before your people have checked out or jumped ship for your competitors. We draw on the experience of 23 high-ranking military leaders in developing the presentation for this showcase. These senior officers (primarily Generals and Admirals from all four branches of the military) have spent decades each learning how to cultivate the loyalty that makes for an elite, high-performing team. Using the 9 laws of Loyalty and instilling the Culture of We, we’ll help you apply what they’ve learned to your company and move you from a posture of reactivity to one of proactivity, so you can start focusing on the mission and stop being distracted by the petty obstacles that stand in your way. You will be provided with an organizational audit that can be used to take a pulse of your organization and identify quick wins to get moving in the right direction toward a loyal workforce, using proven techniques from the most loyal people on the planet.