The Diversity, Inclusion, and Engagement Logic Model – Leadership Tools Showcase (Brigitte Burpo)

The “DIE” Model was developed as a planning and assessment tool for organizational change related to inclusion and engagement work within organizations. Because organizational change related to equity, inclusion, and belonging is tied to both structural and cultural shifts, it is important to have a map for these changes. Thus, the DIE Model helps leaders navigate the planning, implementation, and evaluation phases of organizational change. We start the DIE Model with the DIE Proposition which is the commitment being made for the organizational change. This is followed by identifying key stakeholders and partners as well as resources needed to implement the plans. We organize our partners and stakeholders into segments to better organize how we engage with them, and then determine appropriate channels for implementation. We then identify the intended outcomes that can be used to determine success. Once the plans have been implemented, the DIE Model offers further guidance for assessing the strategy for optimal outcomes.